Lecturers: Anke Dittmar
Date: Tue, 15:00 - 17:00 from 09.04. to 16.07.2024, Wed, 15:00 - 17:00 from 10.04. to 17.07.2024
Location: Tue, Albert-Einstein-Straße 22, SR 101, Wed, Albert-Einstein-Straße 22, SR 101
Event number: 23054

Target group

Students of the study programs:

  • Computer Science, Master (elective).
  • Computer Science International (elective)
  • Information Systems, Master (elective)
  • Information Technology/Technical Informatics, Master (elective)
  • Visual Computing, Master (elective)
  • Computational Science and Engineering, Master (electivel)
  • Electrical Engineering, Master (elective)

Teaching objective

The course is intended to clarify the problems in the communication of the software developer with the client and to show possibilities for their solution. The participants should be able to apply specification forms and methods practically.


A still unsolved problem is the communication of the client with a software developer about the software to be created. Particularly with the formulation of the requirements it comes to large communication difficulties. It is not without reason that the highest paid jobs are found in this area. Here the success or failure of a project is already predetermined.
In the lectures methods, techniques and tools are presented and compared with each other, with which the task-oriented development of software systems can be supported. The focus is on functional and non-functional requirements. A very decisive role for functional requirements is played by the development and modeling of scenarios and their integration into the software development process. Notation and representation forms of knowledge in the form of specifications take a very central place in the discussion. They range from informal natural language to formal forms of description in Z.
The elicitation of requirements with the help of interviews and modern multimedia technology is carried out practically for a larger project.