Lecturers: Regina Hebig
Date: Wed, 13:00 - 15:00 from 05.04. to 12.07.2023, Fri, 09:00 - 11:00 from 14.04. to 21.07.2023
Location: Wed, Albert-Einstein-Straße 26, SR 022, Fri, Albert-Einstein-Straße 26, SR 222
Event number: 23900

Target group

Students of the study programs:

  • Computer Science, Master (elective)
  • Computer Science International (elective)

Teaching objective


  • Explain processes and engineering strategies to develop AI/ML-based systems.
  • Explain typical requirements for AI/ML-based systems (e.g. requirements for data)


  • Evaluate fairness and biases of AI/ML-based systems.
  • Apply architectures and patterns for AI/ML-based systems.


  • Explain challenges in interdisciplinary collaboration when developing AI/ML-based systems


  • Ability to read, present, and critically discuss research papers related to software engineering for AI/ML-based systems
  • Ability to design and apply examples, tutorials, or exercises to demonstrate software engineering approaches
    Improve expressive skills in writing and speaking



The course will cover a range of topics in software engineering for AI/ML-based systems:

  • Processes, engineering practices, and interdisciplinary work.
  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture
  • Verification, testing, and debugging
  • Fairness, bias, and ethics
  • User management and understandability of AI decisions